Personal business coaching can talk back. It can question your motives or your actions. It can challenge you or encourage you. Online coaching or automated systems cannot. They may have the advantage of being quick, convenient and are usually cheap. They cannot deliver true coaching.

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The main reason for personal business coaching is that it is a real human being you are interacting with. The major downside is that it is more expensive. Self-help approaches are always much cheaper. Downloadable content takes no on-going effort so no need to charge too much. At the same time the old saying “you get what you pay for” holds true here. However, by doing it over the telephone, internet, or in small group the cost can be reduced. These are are good alternatives to personal business coaching.

Let’s consider a scenario to put the expense of coaching in perspective. If you are in business for yourself I assume you want to earn more than you do than if you had a job. You probably want to earn at least the same as at a job (at the outset not in the long term). A person capable of starting their own business should probably  earn at least a 6-figure income ($100,000+). Let’s half this for now. If you spend about $300 per month on coaching ($3,600 per year) then you should ask yourself if this will deliver the same amount of value. Can personal business coaching result in greater income (10% of $50,000 = $5,000), or did it result in a better work/life balance, or did it results in greater well-being? Coaching cannot always be subjected to a cold numbers game (like I did just before), although it does put the expense in perspective. Only saying it cannot be measured in dollars could be a cop-out to avoid accounting for the expense of coaching.

What are the benefits of personal business coaching?  Pure and simple.  A person who holds you to account to achieve your goals.  If this is done well the results will speak for themselves.  What those results are should be determined by no-one else but you. It is also good to determine what you want from personal business coaching before starting, so that you can evaluate progress and results.

Eric Schmidt (Google CEO and estimated one of top 150 wealthiest individuals in the world) has this to say about personal business coaching. Check it out.

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Best wishes with your journey.

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