What is online life coaching? It is no different from ‘ordinary’ life coaching.

What is life coaching?

The essence of coaching is that you are helped by someone to focus on and reach your goals. This may entail looking at issues you need to deal with. A coach should focus you on moving forward, dealing with obstacles and persisting with your dreams and goals.

Be warned, if the coach wanders into counseling, therapy or psychology you should be wary. Counselors, therapist and psychologists have to adhere to strict professional ethics and must be a member of an appropriate organization, which usually requires both formal qualifications and some form of internship. Coaches do not have the same requirements. This does not detract from their value, as long as they stick to what they should do – help you focus, overcome obstacles and move forward. The exception is when the coach is also a qualified psychologist or therapist. However, then you should watch that the focus is on achievement, and no solely on solving psychological issues.

What is online life coaching?

It should be no different, except that you do not meet the coach in person and the sessions can be run via Telephone, Skype, or Webinar software. However, if you have no personal contact with the coach, which will make the ‘life coaching’ much cheaper, you cannot really call it coaching any more. Calling it online life coaching does not qualify it as coaching merely because it is using modern technology. Automated programs and systems, such as personality assessments, and goal-setting systems cannot be called coaching or mentoring. A machine will never question your assessment of yourself, it will never challenge you, it will not look at your potential and encourage you to persist and succeed. Machines have no soul and cannot do what only a human being is equipped to do.

Can automated online life coaching still be valuable?

Yes, but only if you recognize the limitations. Essentially such systems provide an enhanced form of self-awareness, self-analysis and feedback. They can even serve to remind you of important actions to take on the road to reaching you goals. If automated systems are used in conjunction with personal session that can be very powerful, and deliver great value.

In summary, coaching cannot be delivered in an automated fashion. That is essentially an enhanced from of self-analysis. You need personal interaction with a real person. Automated systems coupled with periodic personal session could be very powerful. Online life coaching that relies only on automated systems and no personal interaction may disappoint you. Try the real thing first – initial consultations are usually free of very reasonably priced.

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