Strategic Management and Leadership Coaching unleashes your ability to lead and manage your business towards ultimate success. You get a strategic partner, motivator & sounding board that will help you develop effective strategies, stay focused on results, take action and be encouraged to persist and keep on succeeding.

One intensive planning and strategy session every month is usually all that is required. It can be increased to two sessions or even four per month, depending on your needs. This will be decided in mutual discussion and based on what approach serves you best. Your coach is available for discussion and e-mails at all other times.


    • a sounding board with the qualifications and experience to help you with all of the following
    • keep focused on your dreams, vision and goals
    • identify the key results required to achieve your goals, and prioritise tasks
    • be held accountable for taking action to implement your plans and achieve your goals
    • get expert support with decisions
    • maintain your focus & clarity

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To start off the following is determined

Firstly, are your requirements urgent or important? This will determine our immediate focus and emphasis. Over time this may change as you gain more control over short term problems and crises.

  • Urgency – Immediate, Short Term, Results Now, More Profit and Sales Now, Some Urgency.
  • Importance – Lay a foundation, Put the right plans in place, Long Term, Results over time, Thorough.


Your key priorities

We can focus on any one of or a combination of Vision, Strategy (emphasizing sales, profit and cash flow), Marketing, Sales, Managing, Organizing, Operations, Leading, People, and Financial control in our business coaching sessions. The sessions are entirely tailored to your needs. We discuss and determine exactly what you want to improve, or you may be uncertain and need to analyse where to start. We take into account your:

  • Vision (your dreams and aspirations, the future you want to create),
  • Business goals (both long and short term),
  • Strategy,
  • Marketing & sales plans,
  • Management & organisation,
  • Financial objectives and control.


Maintain momentum

I will help you progress and maintain momentum.

  1. We agree on a regular schedule meetings (face-to-face and/or telephone contact depending on your location)
  2. We compile a list of Key Results, based on your vision and goals
  3. This is used as a checklist – to make sure that you move forward on your key goals at all times
  4. We identify the day-to-day actions required to achieve your goals – one step at a time.


Regular Coaching

One intensive planning and strategy session every month. This will be decided in mutual discussion and based on what serves you best. I am available for discussion and e-mails at all other times. We regularly review progress:

  • Your requirements, your Vision, Strategy, Plans & Actions, and the checklist of Key Results
  • Consider where progress has been made, where not, what to learn from it and what to do to get progress under way in areas where you experience difficulty


Key areas that can be focused on

Following are some different perspectives to take during planning and management sessions.

  1. Strategically lead and manage your business – the main focus
  2. Lead and Manage to Achieve Marketing and Sales Success
  3. Lead and Manage to achieve Personal Balance and Success

In each case a clear focus is maintained, keeping in mind that results are what is important, not fluff. The focus of each area is indicated below.

1) Strategically lead and manage your business

(A strong focus on running the business for the long haul; big picture goals, plans and above all – results.)

  • Big Picture and long term view
  • Key Results (Profit, Sales)
  • The business = system
  • Is the system working and delivering results?


2) Lead and Manage to Achieve Marketing and Sales Success

(Profit -> from Customers -> from Quality products and service)

  • Sales, Profit
  • Key Result 2 = Customers / Clients
  • Key Result 3 = Products / Services
  • Marketing = system
  • Is the marketing system delivering the three key marketing results?


3) Lead and Manage to achieve Personal Balance and Success

(Achieve Success in Life, not just in Business, by working on your own dreams, goals, skills and habits.)

  • Reflection and balance
  • Clarity of purpose, goals
  • What is working and what is not working?
  • What will work better?
  • Happiness, fulfilment, excitement, enthusiasm



No contract that lock you in. You can end our business coaching services any time you wish. My effectiveness relies on a trust-based relationship. Dedication and commitment to your success will guarantee that you use our services, not legal contracts. Request the Free Worskhop below and this could be your first step towards greater success.