I am both highly enthusiastic and deeply suspicious of life coaching. There are some real whacko’s doing life coaching, and then are some really good guys. Incidentally one of the good guys is Dr Philip E Humbert. I just want to vent a bit and encourage you to make sure you get what you want, are really helped and build the life you really want.

What is life coaching really? It is about helping you to live the life you want to, achieve your goals, and take action. The focus is primarily on moving forward and achievement. It is not focused on the past or to sort out issues.

Now that I have said that, life coaching is essentially what you make of it. If you regard life coaching as someone helping you live a better life, or to overcome obstacles, or to feel better then that is what it is. Definitions should not constrain you but provide helpful guidance.

Life coaching is not therapy. If you are content to receive therapy from a person that has no experience and qualifications that is you choice. However, unless your coach is also a qualified therapist and registered with a credible professional body then my advice is to avoid them. When people want to stuff around with your emotions or with your physical body use a qualified professional. Take me as an example. I am an expert in leadership and management. I can prove it with qualifications as well as experience. I can give you advice on various business related topics. Even though I have qualifications in psychology I am not a registered psychologist and avoid anything approaching therapy. Life coaching can provide you with a sort of paid friend, who will show an interest in your well-being, but should keep it to helping you achieve.

A coach who engages in therapy is going beyond what they should in my view. The good guys don’t, except if they are also a qualified psychologist (like Philip Humbert). I have personally received his e-mail newsletter for 14 years and he has not missed one week. Even if you are interested in what I have to offer, I would encourage you to sign up to his e-mails (no I get no commission from this, just think he deserves a plug).

I do life coaching, but only on a limited basis. This is by choice. I prefer to work with people on their business and career goals, and not life goals as such. I hope you find a good coach, and wish you the life you truly want.

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