There is plenty of advice about setting goals, making plans and taking action. What we all would like to know is how to achieve goals. What is the secret, if any? In some way we would all like to win the lottery and short-circuit the hard work required for success in the normal course of events. There is no secret way how to achieve goals that short-circuits all the hard work and let’s admit it, tedious task often needed to succeed. Nevertheless, there are methods and techniques that will stack the odds remarkably in your favor. Much of it has to do with setting goals in such a way that you (and your team and your business for that matter) are encouraged to act in such a way that will ensure goal achievement.

I have read widely about how to achieve goals, and many other business topics. I find that there are very good advice, but much of it is complicated and difficult to remember. If there is one book I would recommend, it is “Succeed: How we can reach our goals” by Heidi Grant Halvorsen.

Following are some ideas on how to achieve goals, or put another way, how to stack the odds in your favor. I have tried to make it simple and easy-to remember. “Easy to do” is something I cannot promise.

How to achieve goals in four steps

Firstly, set goal that are SMART and challenging. This simply means Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Click these links to read more about smart goals and smart goals examples.

Secondly set goal in this way.

  • Set goals in terms of what you will achieve or accomplish (promotion focused). This is great for business people who want to take encourage reasonable risk use positive and optimistic approaches to motivate yourself and your staff. Setting goals that are focused on preventing losses are good if you want to be cautious and careful, and optimism or positive thinking do not worj for these type of goals (prevention focused).
  • Set goals aimed at improving yourself. If you believe that you can increase you intelligence (yes you can, investigate the latest in this regard for yourself) you should set goals at improving. Setting goals where you prove yourself, assumes that you cannot improve and that you better prove that you are good enough. The latter belief will also discourage people from trying again when failing the first time. It is well known that success often comes on the back of many failed attempts. Setting goals that are aimed at improvement encourages one to keep on trying, a key factor in success.

Thirdly, develop willpower. By increasing you willpower and discipline in one area you will increase it overall. Think of willpower as a muscle that can be exercised and strengthened.

Fourth and last, share you goal with trusted people who will encourage you and hold you to account. The image of the lone wolf of solitary hero is just that, mostly and image and not reality. We all need people around us to encourage us, to call us to account, to teach us, to coach and mentor us. Develop a team that will nurture you and your dream. Share with them your ideas on how to achieve goals, and ask for help.

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