You can download some goal setting worksheets at this link – goal setting worksheets.

Goals need to be written down. Why? Because our memories are not as good as we may always believe them to be. Writing down a goal also commits you to taking action towards achieving it. Furthermore, goal setting in life and business is usually a process.  Goal setting worksheets are a good way to record the process by which you arrived at a goal, as well as recording the actual goal. Recording how you will maintain a positive outlook and optimism is another important part of goal setting. Lastly, you also need to record how you will achieve the goals – the steps that need to be taken, as well as the systems, habits and environment that will support and encourage you to persist until you succeed. Goal setting is not just a simple process of making a list of SMART goals and leaving it at that. It should be accompanied by serious self-reflection, incorporating a wide range of aspects, including steps towards achieving the goal, and outline what actions are needed to achieve the goals. You can download a whole range of goal setting worksheets FOR FREE here.  It is part of my FREE Goal Achievement system. These goal setting worksheets cover various aspects that will help you set and achieve your goals.

Goal setting worksheets to attain life balance

These are aimed at helping you set goals over a balance of different aspect that make up your life – Intellectual/ Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, Material, Family, Friends, Business/Work/Career, Social – get a life (theatre, movies etc. whatever you like).

Goal setting worksheets to maintain a positive and optimistic outlook

It is essential that you pursue a goal that inspires you, about which can be genuinely enthusiastic. It is also essential to maintain a positive and optimistic outlook as this will be the fuel for motivation.
Goal setting worksheets to build a better business
These worksheets focus on goals related to sales, profit and customers.

Goal setting worksheets for taking action

These worksheets focuses on building the habits, systems, environment that will support you in your pursuit of your goals. Also in included is a simple project planning method that can be used to even to simplest goal.

The goal setting worksheets can be downloaded for free. They form part of a FREE Goal Achievement System, which will help ensure that you systematically and thoroughly consider every aspect of your life, set goals and assign priorities. You can use this to devise a blueprint for your life, your business or both. You can also use this and adapt it to suite your own preferences and methods. The system is designed to help you reflect deeply and widely about what truly matters to you. It is less prescriptive in what you should do and more supportive in helping reflect and set goals.

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