Two Months of Free Business Coaching?

Your purpose, vision and passion, your goals for profit, sales, gaining customers and developing products and services is front and centre at our first meeting. You get real value, usually greater insight, focus and an action plan. I find that meaningful and invigorating, and get to demonstrate how I deliver value. I do a free follow-up session, so you effectively receive Two Months of Business Coaching, Free of charge. It is not a sales pitch which bores me, but a way for me to make a difference.

You can use this free coaching to develop a strategic plan focused on profit, sales, customers, products & services, while remembering the bigger picture of building a great life and making a meaningful difference to the world you live in. Benefit from an expert acting as your personal sounding board. Clarify and focus on the results you want. No strings, better than a guarantee as you get to experience the benefits without having to pay anything in advance. Improve how you lead yourself and those around you.

Get training, coaching and a systematic method to improve and succeed in business. Set clear targets: Profit, Sales, Customers, Products & Services

You will get the benefit of a sounding board to help you attain focus & clarity, listens to your dreams and hopes that made you start out in business in the first place, and hold you to account to act on the goals we will set and actions we will agree on.

First Step

A short consultation followed by a FREE personal workshop, which is one-on-one, in person.

I listen to what’s really important to you, your priorities. Only then do I focus on the systems, the habits and the skills to achieve success – all aimed at making sure that you are running the business, not the business running you. I focus firstly on the results you are achieving and the goals you want to achieve. Once this is clear I help you make the plans and take the steps towards improved results. You will have a sounding board who will keep you focused on your dreams, your goals and will keep you to account to plan, to lead, and to manage better so that you can have a better life and more successful business.

I require NO PAYMENT before we have done the FREE personal workshop and follow up session. This enables you to see for yourself how my services will benefit you, enabling you to make a well-informed decision based on real experience, not the testimony of others.

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In the workshop we will focus on Profit, Sales, Customers, Products & Services in this order:

  • Dreams, Vision and Aspirations for the future
  • Goals for the next year
  • How you are doing right now
  • Milestones to achieve Vision and Goals

The free consultation and workshop will benefit you:

  • It will highlight the Size of YOUR Aspirations
  • We will develop insight into what will it take to achieve your goals
  1. You get real value
  2. You see how I perform
  3. You don’t get a sales pitch

Why am I doing this?

To demonstrate my ability and value to you and your business while giving you with real value as my “thank you” for your interest.

My experience (more Here)

  • I have coached business owners and managers for almost 20 years.
  • I have lectured in Management, Leadership and Marketing papers (at degree level).
  • I was an economist and project leader of large research and consulting projects.

You will benefit from my skills and experience

I will be your sounding board, motivator, and partner in business. I will help you focus on the results you want by holding you to account to take action. Focused on

  • Profit,
  • Sales,
  • Customers,
  • Products & Services

I start with the question “what motivates and inspires people?”. But…motivation and inspiration fades away if nothing is accomplished. Nothing get done without inspiring and believable goals, hence the initial emphasis on profits, sales, customers and products/ services.

The answer to better results is not more books, more information or more self-help programs. It is a real live person that will focus you on what is important to you and help you develop effective strategies and plans, give you perspective into your motives, and unlock your potential. That is what you will get with me.

Ask for my free personal workshop

You get…

  • a Strategic Perspective
  • to set Clear Goals
  • to focus on what you want to Accomplish
  • Clarity of Purpose
  • to think through Implications
  • to set Key Milestones

You benefit from…

  • Outside perspective
  • Sounding board
  • a Qualified Expert with varied experience

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How Much? FREE for 2 Months

This is better than a money-back guarantee. How many offers like this do you find?


Thank you very much for your interest…

and I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

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