I believe everyone has a purpose, and that if we are true to ourselves, we will fulfil this purpose. I do not believe that everyone’s purpose is to be a great leader, but everyone deserves respect and appreciation, and in business we owe at least that to our employees, customers and suppliers. I believe that the world can change if each of us looks at the world around us and instead of complaining, we ask “what difference can I make?”. This start with ourselves, looking inside and making changes that affect ourselves and the people around us. I tend to avoid the airy-fairy approach and tend toward being results driven, being systematic, holding people to account, providing good service, knocking on doors to sell, doing the hard work – but, all the time, keeping in mind that we are not just biological machines that are here by random chance, running about without purpose, but that we are truly creatures of purpose. That is how I approach business, and indeed life.

My approach…

We need to appreciate the wonder we have in this Earth we live in. Our world is truly wonderful and unique in the universe. Life and especially human life is a truly remarkable. Consider human development and achievement, especially the last three centuries.  We have made progress beyond anything our acestors could imagine. We should both appreciate this and stand in awe of this. Then… we should not bury our heads in the sand and ignore some of the devastation we have brought on the environement. The solution is not to stop all development and progress. The solution to our problems lie with human innovation and ingenuity. All of us can make a small difference – every little bit counts.

As a leader, manager or respected colleague we can make a difference to someone else, to inspire them about their value to use . This can be as simple as treating one another with respect and encouraging ourselves to realise we are able to make a difference even in the most modest of circumstances. I believe people who are treated like this in the workplace will act differently, even outside the workplace and will inpire others to do the same.

So my approach is simple. Appreciate what we have and what has been achieved. Then become personally effective in our own environment, and encourage others at our places of work. Let infuse ourselves and those around us with a sense of wonder, appreciation and a willingness to work hard – to make a difference in our communities. This will be profitable, but also highly meaningful and serve to nourish our yearning for meaning.

So what about my track record?

Track records and even qualifications can be embellished (mine are not but how would you know?). Working directly with me and making up your mind based on actual experience of my performance is the best thing to do. Hence my offering 2 months free coaching. So, call me and let’s start the ball rolling. For now read on for more about my background…

I am skilled at crystallizing ideas and helping people focus on what is most important. I have wide-ranging and extensive experience. I have worked with a range of different business owners and companies. Currently I coach business owners and managers. I also lecture and supervise degree and graduate diploma students in business.

My experience ranges from being an economist, project leader, facilitator of large workshops and seminars, speaker at national and international conferences, and writer of research and consulting reports. My coaching have ranged across a variety of businesses. This included chairing the monthly board meetings of a large company, being a strategist and sounding board for a CEO, working with an entrepreneur who just started out, working with a fast-growing businesses.

Read on for more…

Skills: I am good at listening, crystalizing ideas and helping people get focused and take action on what is most important. Some other demonstrated skills are Facilitation, Coaching, Mentoring, Relationship Management and Team Building, Analytical and Numerical skills, Proficient in Spreadsheet Modelling, Project Management, Writing, Speaking and Presentation.

Experience: Recently – business consultant, coach, lecturer in management and leadership. Formerly an economist, and in the more distant past HR. My experience is wide-ranging, in-depth and at a high level, enabling me to bring value to any situation requiring management and leadership.

Qualifications: Master in Business Leadership (Strategic Planning focus), B.Admin degree (Industrial Psychology and Public Administration), Diploma in Datametrics (Operations Research and Statistics).

Philosophy and approach: Do for others as you would have them do for you. I am also strongly results-focused and believe that if we are clear about what results we would like to produce it puts everything in perspective. It enables us to cut through the clutter and focus on what really matters. Once we get clear on our results and start the habit of regular action, every bit of advice, self-help books, business planning guides, coaching, guides such as the one I provide for free, will help you improve. Why? Because you are now doing all of this with a purpose and direction.

Personal: I am happily married, have two daughters – now grown up. And whenever I can I get away fishing, playing guitar, travelling, and socialising with friends.

Why believe me? With the amount of scamming going on on the internet and elswehere, and the embellishing of Resumes (CV’s) I am unable to put your mind at rest. Google me by all means. The best way to make up your own mind is to talk to me and conduct a FREE workshop with me, where you can judge my performance, approach and services, and its relevance to your needs.

Who is Harry – a more in-depth look. If you really need that?

Fairly ordinary

I am fairly ordinary, and cannot tell you how I went from living in a car to a mansion in six months. I have had my up and downs, some self-inflicted some I had no control over. I learned about life and about people, and what it takes to succeed. I also learned that there are many definitions and many routes to success. And… I want you to follow your route on your terms – not mine.

Married since 1987

Married since 1987 – still married which I take some pride in. I have two grown daughters. One of the challenges I referred to was that, when my children were small they were in and out of hospital with respiratory and various other illnesses – all fixed now. At the same time I was managing significant research and consulting projects, as an economist at South Africa’s largest research company the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. On top of that I was doing a 4-year Master degree in Business Leadership.

Interesting work

At the CSIR I did varied and interesting work. I remember, a month before the election of Nelson Mandela in 1994, sitting on beer-crates amongst a number of small builders and laborers, in one of the most dangerous areas in Cape Town – the shacks of Crossroads. I was there at the request of a community leader who wanted me to inform them of some of the development in the low-cost housing sector (especially the opportunities that could open up for them immediately after the election of Nelson Mandela) – an area which I had wide knowledge of. I remember on the other end of the spectrum facilitating workshops at the Southern African Construction Industry Initiative, in which 10 countries participated. I ended my career by winning the tender to prepare South Africa’s Country Report for the UN’s Habitat agency. I facilitated 4 regional and national workshops of key building and construction industry stakeholders, and compiled the Country Report.

Living in New Zealand

More recently my experience has been with small business owners in New Zealand. In 1997 my family and I moved to New Zealand. This was not without its challenges. I again changed careers and have focused on consulting and coaching small business owners ever since. I share the frustration of all business owners, sometimes wondering if it would not be easier just to do a simple job and not try anything difficult. Then I remember that when I started working I had just that and it drove me to distraction. The grass always seems greener on the other side, doesn’t it? I also lecture in Leadership and Applied Management, which also meets my passion to coach and to teach. I have always had a great interest in entrepreneurs and small business owners, which is the reason for my change in careers. At the beginning I often asked myself “what are you doing? You have a family to take care of and now you start a new venture in a new country?” Many people asked why I did not pursue a similar career than in South Africa. My answer? I have an enthusiasm for what entrepreneurs and small business owners do and an appreciation for the challenges they face. I love working with them.

What do you think I am most proud of?

The fact that my wife and I decided to put the children first and deliberately resolved that one of us will be at home with them at all times. This has paid off and we have two great grown daughters. Did this cost me career and business wise? Yes. But I have no regrets when it comes to family, friends and the stuff that matters most. Does the fear ever go away totally? Not for me, but is it worth it? Yes, and I hope that by helping you I can make your efforts in business really “worth it” in the results you get from it – both financially but in having a better life. Some former and current clients have even turned into good friends.

What do people say about Harry?

As an economist I had a reputation for being able to bring a strategic perspective to the table. I was often asked to be involved during planning and strategy session, by both colleagues and clients. They appreciated my strategic insight, the ability to help clarify what is and what is not important, and to identify the key steps that were needed to move forward. I was able to do this in a variety of projects. More recently business owners have had similar good things to say about me. You can see this on the right of your screen – just scroll down. People appreciate that I maintained their focus, kept them to account, was enthusiastic, challenging, persevering and much more…

I bring all this experience, insight and perspective to your life and your business. I want to help you succeed on your terms. The one thing people in leadership value most from me? Being their

Sounding Board