Receive a complimentary one-hour Business Breakthrough Consultation

plus a Breakthrough-Reinforcement follow-up session

In these two powerful sessions, you’ll gain:

• Clarity of purpose

• Renewed focus on your most important results

• Key action points to implement right now, to put your money where your mouth is

and you get a workbook for recording your planning and decisions.

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Your purpose, vision and passion, your goals for profit, sales, gaining customers and developing products and services is front and center at our first meeting. You get real value, greater insight, focus and an action plan. I find that meaningful and invigorating, and get to demonstrate how I deliver value.

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“Harry added great value to my planning. He helped me focus, determine priorities, and narrow down many ideas into clearly focused action plans. His experience, knowledge and qualifications makes him a very effective sounding board and strategist.” Mike Read, Global Operations Manager, Austco Communications NZ Ltd.

“Harry has extensive knowledge and the ability to challenge established theories and existing processes. I have learnt much from him, in terms of some of the newer concepts and assessment methodologies and about industry in general. He is thought provoking, interesting and dependable. He delivers what he promises, at the time he promises to deliver it.” Freddy Variava, Independent Business Consultant and former Campus Director – Otago Polytechnic, Auckland International Campus.

“Take Charge – Lead and Manage with Purpose, Passion and Optimism. Reflect on the opportunities this world presents, your purpose, how to achieve goals and remain positive and optimistic in the face of adversity.” This title should give you a good hint of the value you will get from this report.

If you are hesitant about the free consultation – don’t be. However, this free report is a good place to start if you first want to look things over before making contact.

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